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Booking GemFOX Photography for World Cup

As you know, NXL World Cup (formerly PSP World Cup) is a special paintball event.  It's the annual, international, convergent, festival paintball tournament.
Spread over many fields in a large venue with several divisions and formats, games run concurrently over the 4-day weekend.

If you book photography for Cup, it is expected that the rates are considerably higher than the regular season, and you will expect to receive less coverage than the regular season.  

If you've asked me to shoot you, then you might know a little about my work efforts, and that I try my absolute best for you.

Photographers experience the increased expenses of travel and accommodations, just as the teams competing do.  This event also brings increased damage and danger to gear as well as increased physical and time challenge of running around to try and catch matches or points over the wide landscape.  Almost all divisions play Saturday, the busiest and most overlapped day of the weekend.

As with the regular season, despite there being a schedule, points can run ahead or behind, and this, along with simultaneous bookings, can cause points to be missed.  There is a small possibility that you could be missed completely, in which case a refund may be given, along with my sincerest apologies.

Processing of images will take at least one month after the event, with Facebook previews along the way.

Thanks for understanding, I will do my utmost to catch what I can, that is my purpose.

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Photo by Manuel Mazzanti, PSP World Cup 2013