GemFOX Photography | FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey GemFOX, when will the pictures be up?
A: Albums for bookings are uploaded to my site generally within 2 weeks of the event, longer during busy season.  Freelanced shots will be posted at my leisure after booked priorities are completed.  Follow my Facebook page for previews.

Q: How do I buy a photo?
A: Click the "Buy" button on the right side of the photo, or click the "Buy" button at the top of the album's page to buy multiple photos.

Q: Can I print a photo I downloaded from your site at Walgreens/Costco/CVS/Etc?
A: Yes, you can print watermarked or unmarked downloads for personal (non-commercial) use at the lab of your choice.  If they have you fill a form asking if you have permission to print, leave them my contact information (my website, my FB page, or my email

​Q: Hey GemFOX, can you send me whatever photos you got of me?
A: Photos are posted publicly, not delivered via inbox or messenger.  Links to albums are posted to FB and delivered to whom initially booked.
A: If you booked a solo shoot, your album will be uploaded within a couple weeks after the event, and occasional previews will be posted via FB.
A: If you or your captain booked a team shoot, same as above.
A: If you did not book ahead, then there's a chance you were not included in the shoot; however, if by chance you were captured during a freelance op, those shots will appear after bookings are completed.

Q: Hey GemFOX, I'll pay you for any shots you might have of me.
A: If you did not book in advance, please let me finish bookings first, then I will see if I have anything of you, and we can work out a retro-active booking fee.  If you're hoping for photos, please book a photographer next time, doesn't have to be me, thanks!

Q: Hey GemFOX, thanks for those [freelance] shots of me, can I send you a tip?
A:  I appreciate the tip, but it's not expected, but if you insist, my PayPal is, thanks!

Q: Hey GemFOX, how much does it cost to book you for an event, and how do we pay?
A: Depends on the event, location, and my availability (and mood).  For example, CFPS is usually $100 for 5-man, $50 for 3-man, $30 for solo. Payments via PayPal, cash, or credit. I also receive tips in the form of the aforementioned, as well as memory cards, fruit, t-shirts, and microfibers.

Q: Hey GemFOX, you want a bottle of water?
A: (On the field) Not right now thanks, I need both hands.
A: (Coming off the field) Omg yes, thanks so muchie!

Q: Hey GemFOX, do you have any stickers?
A: Yeah, do you know what a SASE is?  If so, shoot me a message or email, and I'll get some to you!

Q: Hey GemFOX, can I book you for SPL?
A: Sorry, I do not shoot SPL.  SPL already provides media coverage, you'll love it.

Q: Hey GemFOX, why do you shoot paintball?
A: Good question!

Q: Hey GemFOX, where are you from?
A: Chicago.

Q: Hey GemFOX, do you dye your hair silver?
A: No, it's natural.